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Thread: Grouse Hunts

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    Default Grouse Hunts

    Tryin to take out a buddy from Texas grouse hunting, but not sure of where to go. I have been around Pt. Mckenzie before, but last year it was becoming pretty developed, not helping the grouse out much. Otherwise, I have been told any gravel road, or find some trails and get lucky, but not sure. I am trying to keep it close as possible to Anchorage. Any, any help would be great,

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    Default Jim Creek/Knik river

    There are actually quite a few birds around Jim Creek. My suggestion would be to use 4-wheelers on some of the smaller trails through the woods (high ground, stay out of the swamps) early in the morning. Or, if you don't have access to wheelers, you can just as easily walk the trails. I have taken many grouse (and rabbits) between the parking area and Jim creek and it is nice, easy walking to boot.

    Also, the Peters creek trail is a nice walk and I have heard there are birds back there too. Access is up the hill from the S. Peters Creek exit on the Glenn Hwy. It is in the Municipality, but there is no law against shooting during a legitimate hunting season in an open area. (see the regs under "remainder of unit 14C")

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    Sutton area isn't bad either.
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