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Thread: Couple pics of a quick trip down the Tanana

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    Default Couple pics of a quick trip down the Tanana

    We headed to our normal moose hunting grounds for a little picnic, fishing and .22 plinking with the girls today. I recently sold my 2004 SeaArk Predator 175 and bought a shiny new 2008 Predator with the 200 horse optimax. The girls had fun on the drive downstream and before we knew it we were at the creeks.

    We headed to our fishing hole and tossed a few lines and my 7 year old hooked into a small pike. We brought it in, took a quick picture and released it.

    The girls were making a good amount of noise, so we hung it up for fishing and ate some lunch. We headed back out to the mouth of the creek and tried our luck there. First fish caught was a small pike by my brother, and then I helped my 2&1/2 year old hook into a 5lb sheefish. This was her first time fishing, and I had to help her quite a bit, but she held on good when the fish breached out of the water a few times. She didn't want to touch it, but you could tell she was having fun. Her cousins were cheering her on while she was bringing it in.

    My younger neice Kristen hooked into another small pike, but that was it for the fishing. We went to shore and set up some targets and let the girls plink away with their .22's, then we decided to head on home. The girls were relaxed on the cruise back...

    My brother was relaxed too taking pictures...

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    Very cool, looked like a beautiful day there!

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    It is always great to see the young ones having a great time. Precious pictures
    Grandkids, Making big tough guys hearts melt at first sight

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    Now that looks like a nice way to brake in the new boat.


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