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Thread: DM770 hints and tips

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    Default DM770 hints and tips

    Drew for DM770 moose this fall. Not too familiar with the area though and was wondering if anyone had some tips or advice on access to the area. I will either be by road/hike in or by air depending on if my buddy is available to fly me in.

    Any tips would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Not sure

    I've been out there a few times on the Rex Trail (north border of your area) which can be good or rough going depending on the rain and who's been in there before you. I have never seen a moos anywhere near the Trail so I would think away from there would be best. I have buddies that used to fly in closer to the hills and always had success each year during the regular hunt season. Sorry I don't have more to offer (I don't have a boat so I can't tell you which creeks you might be able to get up, etc). Congratulations and good luck!



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