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    Default China Poot update

    We went over again last night and did a little better. The fish in the creek are still hit and miss (we only scooped out 3). There were pools of blood on the shore, so someone must have scored. Then we went over to the first bay where the Forest Service Yurt is at and got into the fish. Jumpers and seals were everywhere and we ended up snagging a dozen fish before it got dark. Maybe they are schooling up before heading over to the creek.

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    Default they're in

    Four of us went over last night. The creek was still barren, but the salt water was just popping with schools and jumpers. We snagged 24 fresh bright fish. Get them while you can because the seiners are bound to show up now that the fish are in.

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    Is there a way to get public transportation over to China Poot?

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    We were over late last week and found that if you were in the first boats to arrive before the tide, you'd get fish dipping. We got 2 limits in a matter of minutes on Saturday, but you could tell the holes were drying up, and we were the 2nd boat in I think?

    Many of the water taxis will run you over there... you can even try homerdave here - he might be open for a run over if he's not booked up?

    One quick question - I know the first bay you are mentioning HomerAdam... but have not seen the yurt - where is it exactly?
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    Default Fly In?

    Has anyone ever been flown in to the lake, and then walked down the creek to fish China Poot, or is it only accessible via skiff?


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