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Thread: Monster Pike from the North!

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    Every year I head up into my secret Pike fishing hole near Noatak Village and we just returned. Despite the high cost of gas up here this is a trip worth the costs. We hammered the pike for 2 solid days until we just got tired of catching pike. In 2 days we landed over 60 fish (me and 2-10 year old boys). Day 1 saw the biggest fish taken with 3 fish over the 40 inch mark but day 2 was the day to remember! The first 12 fish landed were all over 3 feet in length and most 20-25 pounds! I kid you not with this fish story! We ripped up more steel leaders than you can count. The 2 boys were going crazy hooking 36-40 inch fish and they were using 4 and 6 wt. rods outfitted with spider wire. I was using an 8 wt. set up and still had to be careful in playing these monsters! I would bet these are some of the biggest pike in the state but I would just be bragging.

    NW Alaska offers not only great hunting but unreal fishing for Pike like this, huge Sheefish and the biggest Char in the state. If you want more info about fishing NW Alaska shoot me an e-mail.

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    2 more pics!
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    nice pike wish I was with you


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