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Thread: River Trips in the Valley

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    Default River Trips in the Valley

    I'm wondering if anyone has some good suggestions for river trips in the valley. I've been running the Little Su because of convenient drop off and pick up points. Are there other rivers in the area that have similar access points?

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    In the early spring, my brothers and I have canoed from the Matanuska Bridge in Palmer down to the Knik Bridge several times. It's a real fun trip when the water is LOW and CLEAR. Easy class 1/2. As soon as the sun starts hitting the glacier and the water comes up, it starts to look like a death trap from the log jams and currents and we stay off. With a whitewater canoe it is possible to float the upper sections of the Matanuska down to the bridge at summer water levels, but you better know what you are doing since the Matanuska isn't very forgiving.

    Canoeing from Jim Lake down to the Knik and then down the Knik to the bridge is fun, if not really exciting. Going from the Old to the new Glenn bridges on the Knik is a nice evening float. Otherwise, you are pretty much stuck with lake canoeing in the Valley. Nothing wrong with that though, the Jim Creek/Lake complex can take years to explore all by itself.


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    Default Little Su Raft / Canoe / Kayak race

    Look for the post for more info!


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