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Thread: Flyfishing for silvers Port Valdez from 18' skiff?

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    Default Flyfishing for silvers Port Valdez from 18' skiff?

    We brother and i have 18' skiff rented late August. VALDEZ.. what flylies/ sink / rates/ depth. flies would be effective.. we have 8 # rods/ floating/ Teeny T-200 lines? first attempt to hook 10-15lb. silvers in salt,, should be interesting...any one done this before?

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    I fish them frequently. If you can get down 4-6 feet with a bright (pink, chartrese) you can do fine. The most important part is choosing the proper location to fish. Find the eddies and you will find fish regardless of water depth. The shallow bays like Gold Creek can be good if the fish are in the bitting mood.


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