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    Default Fall Blackie

    Since I didn't get my bear in June I still have a tag. I'm thinking about a fall hunt if I can get a reasonable airfare. Dose anybody have any thoughts on fall blackie hunting Or sugestiions for maxiumizing my chance of success? What to look for in an outfitter-guide for a fall hunt. Never done fall bear hunt. How might it be different from a spring hunt?
    We think a brownie in the area had the blacks spooked. Kept seeing fresh tracks but no blackies. Bait was hit but the way the drum was slapped around it might well have been the brownie.

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    Default Fall Black Bear

    Call fish central in Valdez, rent a boat. Run out to Jack or Sawmill bay and hunt the fish streams. High percentage hunt, should see many bears. There are tent pads and cabins out there that might be open. Good luck.



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