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Thread: Trout and dollies, grayling on the fly

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    I have a family friend coming up for the month of August, he was originally going on a north slope hunt with me, but I had to cancel, and he is real bummed out. He is an avid fly fisherman from Maine, and I am hoping to take him to a few places for trout, he doesn't care about salmon. He has never used beads or flesh fly's. ( I know ) I was thinking the outlet of the kenai into skilak, and the gulkana or big sue tribs towards the end of August before he leaves. I have reviewed old threads, but I am hoping for some imput to help me get him some locations closer to fairbanks.

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    try here....

    Someone there will know. Good luck.

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    If you have a raft/ D. Boat I would float the Kenai. If you were doing hike-in fishing I would hit the Parks Hwy streams. You said he does not care about salmon, but I think he would think diff. once a Silver hits his fly hard and his reel starts screeming.

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    If you aren't very familar with the Rainbow fishing and don't have a boat, I would suggest spending a day or 2 with a guide. You can use them to get the basics down and then spend some time on your own. Here are a couple guides I have used that were great for the Middle Kenai.


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