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Thread: Visiting Alaska

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    Default Visiting Alaska

    Hello all,
    I will be visiting next week around Wonder Lake. What type of fishing is there and what type of lures for spin and fly fishing?

    Thanks for your input.

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    I noticed nobody responded so I thought I would. I am from Rock Hill SC and thought I would at least pass some southern hospitaltity on to you. I don't know anything about the area you are going to, but for the most part all of alaska waters are similar. Blue fox spinners in size 2 or 4 are great for all species of salmon and trout. As far as flies go egg sucking leeches in purple, pink and black are really good. Any bright colored flies will work. Sorry this might not be the response you are looking for but I thought I would at least respond. Have a great trip!

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    Default Lake Trout

    You are most likely to find lake trout at Wonder Lake. For spinning gear, Mepps or Vibrax type spinners in a variety of colors should be in your arsenal. Also be sure to take some spoons, I am personally partial to daredevils. If you do a search on here for lake trout, the tactics are pretty much the same wherever they are located.


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