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Thread: Metal Creek?

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    Question Metal Creek?

    My daughter and I took the Ranger out to Jim Creek today and made it all the way out to Metal Creek and about half way across. My wits were wearing thin with the raging water between us and the glacier so I elected on turning around. I am interested if anyone knows of a good place to cross Metal Creek if there is one.
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    In my experience it is more an issue of "when" to cross and not "where" to cross. Metal Creek changes from hour to hour so the answer of "where" to cross becomes irrelevant as soon as you are told. Look at "when" to cross...

    Late fall after is has cooled down and all through the winter up until late May are usually good times to cross. As the temps drop so does the water levels. During the winter everything is frozen over. As always, use common sense and make your own call when you get out there. I plan on making a run in Sept or Oct (weather dependent) to run up on the glacier.

    Good luck!
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    Like AKMuddy sez it's more when than where. That said, if the when is almost doable there is a where- to cross. It shows you how miserable a summer we are having that you were even thinking about crossing Metal in July, it's usually a raging mother from one bank to the other in July.
    The where to cross always is- right at the canyon you start, go less than 100 yards downstream and start working your way across the channels (at a downstream angle). Look across the river and you will see the cutbank on the other side that comes from downstream all the way up to the area where the trail is that you take once on the otherside- aim for that area as you cross all the channels. This is always the only way across when it's iffy. Never go further downstream or upstream.

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    Timing is key in crossing. I found the braided area about .5 miles out from the canyon to be an easy crossing in April-May timeframe. It splits into 3 manageable channels. Right now you would have to be crazy to try it. I waded out to see how it looked my last trip and gave up on trying to get across in waders-not much less an ATV. Wait for the cool.


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