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Thread: Help! Fairbanks Grayling

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    Default Help! Fairbanks Grayling

    I am traveling with out of state relatives the first week of August. I need to find a close in spot to fish for grayling for a few hours one day as the rest of the crew takes the Discovery Boat Ride. I and a cousin would rather fish. I am not expecting your honey hole, but the location of your second best spot would be appreciated. Needs to be within a reasonable driving distance and directions. PM responses will be kept confidential, though that is not my usual mode. We expect to fish along the route up the Parks and down the Richardson, which I am somewhat familiar with, but I am not at all familiar with Fairbanks and surrounding area. Thanks

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    Default No Hot Spots or Holes

    No Worries.

    Take Chena Hotsprings Road up to Angle Rocks i.e. about 49.5 Mile and fish your way back to 38 Mile North Fork which after 40 mile is basically the entire Chena without the South Fork. Lots of pull offs lots of fishing. The entire area holds reasonable Grayling from 10 -18 inches. Spinners use size 1 or 2 blades Meps, Panther Martins etc...... "Pinch your barbs please" Flies standard Griffith Gnat size 12-16, Caddis size 10-16, Coachman Trude 10-14 Hoppers and Ants work well. Nyphms anything bead-head and weighted size 10-14.

    Check out the above link there is a map you can print.

    Tight Lines and Best Wishes.

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    Thank You Blue Moose.

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    between wasilla and palmer


    The chataneka river also has good grayling. I used to go to white fish park in the fall and catch greyling and white fish. It was down the steese hwy. if I rember corectly I just followed the highway till I came to the chataneka river. There was a pulloff and parking area on the left.

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    Default Badger Slough

    If you would like to fish real clost to town try the Badger/Chena Slough in North Pole. Can't miss it, head out towards North Pole and take the Badger Road exit, the slough will be on your left a few miles down the road, right behind Badger Gas is where alot of folks go, but you can find a lot of places to fish without a crowd. Good Luck!

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    Default grayling..

    Take some #6 olive bead head woolly buggers. Fish the middle of the water column. I am sure you will not regret it.
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