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Thread: 2010 Bullwinkle Hunt

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    Lightbulb 2010 Bullwinkle Hunt

    Hello folks,

    I've been a bowhunter since the late 1970's but never made it up to the great northern state yet.

    I've been a stalker about these threads for a while now, haven't felt a need to comment much since I've never hunted the mighty Alaska. Never even been to the place; yet. Alaska is on my short list of places to go....

    Any suggestions where a guy could get hooked up with someone to share a Traditional archery Bullwinkle hunt during the fall of 2010? I should be just about retired by then and could spend the entire season in the field if necessary.

    My preference would be to hunt with stock animals (horses or mules) but I don't know much about the administrative part of the hunt (where to go, when to apply, arranging logistics, Bush planes, etc.).

    I hear that Alaska place is pretty big......any help out there for a tenderfoot?

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    Default You heard wrong, pilgram...

    "I hear that Alaska place is pretty big"...Alaskay ain't big, it's just a tad bit smaller than Rhode Island...


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