Hi, recently joined here because you guys do a lot more "out there" hunting than most people down around here (B.C)
I ordered a swaro 65HD spotter and Slik 613 carbon tripod and I'm having a heck of a time deciding on a tripod head.

The Jim White Tripod head looks good and I've almost decided on that one but some guys say go pistol grip ( I hear those wear after a while)
What would you guys go with, recommendations, brands ?

I glass alpine blacktails here at home on Vancouver Island and make a couple trips to the mainland each year.
This year I have a 2 week sheep hunt, in one month (stones) and a 2-3 week elk hunt a month after that.

I hike in everywhere I go so light is better.
Thanks in advance!

Hmm while I got ya on here, is there anybody NOT happy with the Kifaru ? (and are the attatchable side pockets really that "soggy"?)