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    Default Destination for Silvers

    I am looking for a road side fishery in mid September that's not too expensive. Prefer a place close to the ocean off the beaten path. Thinking about Yakutat and fishing the Situk, Lost River, or Italio. Anyone fish this area during the fall? Is it easy to get to the rivers from town, or do you need to rent a car? Perhaps Cordova is a another good place to chase Silvers? Any other recomendations would be appreciated.

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    Default Kodiak

    Have you looked into Kodiak for coho in September? I have not been there but all I hear is how good it is.
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    Default Cordova Info

    Join this board Do a search on Cordova and read the posts by "silverhairbp". He's from IL, but knows a lot about the Cordova area. You might want to post your question under "Coming to Alaska..."

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    Yea, Kodiak is an option, but I have a feeling the runs are going to be late this year.

    Old Tom thank for the link to the fly fishing forum.


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