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Thread: What's a good pike setup?

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    Default What's a good pike setup?

    What does everyone fish with for pike? I don't want to be overfishing them and looking to buy a new setup.


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    Im just using a trout rod Lommis G3 with a shimano 1000 Ive caught a few in the 8 lb range but nothing bigger yet. So far nothing has came close to stressing out the light tackle and it makes the little ones fun.
    In MN when we used to fish them alot we used a bit stiffer rod, something like a silver salmon rod with a shimano 2000. i always prefered the Spirex 2000 becasue of the flip drag in the rear. just my .02
    P.S. Dont forget your leader!

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    7 foot Fenwick HMX 12#-20# and a 5000 series ABU bait caster.
    I also use Fenwick and Diawa flipping sticks.

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    IMHO -

    I've caught pike on everything from my 3' snoopie rod and reel set-up to my 6 1/2' muskie set-up. So I would recommend the following:

    For pike up to 10 lbs a middle weight spinning reel with matching rod and 8 or 10 lb test. A little backbone in the rod is nice for setting the hook but sharp hooks will make the difference miniscule. I prefer lighter line and spinning reels to allow me to cast light weight balsa wood crankbaits.

    For pike larger than that the first set-up will work but I would prefer a stiff 7 foot spinning or baitcasting rig with 15-30 lb low stretch line.

    Lures: Anything will catch pike. Bigger is usually better. I have caught 18 inch pike on 12 inch muskie baits. My personal favorites are:

    Gold Little Cleo: Bigger is better. Adding a small twister tail on the hook can sometimes draw more strikes.
    Gold Johnson Silver Minnow:throw a twister tail on it and it is great in the weeds.
    Spinnerbaits: Bass fishing style spinner baits with willow leaf blades for deeper water or fast retrieve and colorado blades for shallow water/slow retrieve
    Buzzbaits: Work them along the edge of cover
    Smithwick Rattlin' Rogue: Hands down the best freaking lure in WI and MN for everything.
    Floating Rapala: Stop and go retrieve.
    Big Bucktail Spinner baits: For some reason I've only been successful with black bucktail/silver blade/red accents on the blade/bucktail.
    Finally, Brad Childress is GONE!

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    Talking pike rigs

    I personally like a berkley spinning rod rated for up to 5/8 oz lures with a shimano 1000 reel spooled with anywhere between 4# to 12# test line. we have landed 17 # pike on 4# test line and its a ball. just remember you dont want to try and horse them in on light line. we always use a 6"-12" steel leader and ball bearing swivel when casting for northern. were not fishing in flowing water. if you are you might want a heavier rod and line
    we like to use spoons. the cheaper the better.we use a daredvil type spoon typically. locally a 2-1/2 to 3" spoon typically will be yellow with red dots, green with black dots. hammered gold with florescent stripes or hammered silver with flourescent red stripes. pixie spoons also work well but they are more expensive. red eye are also good for northern but again are more expensive.pike will eat almost anything you throw at them.

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