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Thread: Little Su update for early week?

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    Default Little Su update for early week?

    Has anyone been down to the Little Su this week to see what is happening? I read the earlier post about the several large schools of fish coming in this past weekend and was just wondering if anyone knew if they turned out to be late run kings or if they were indeed silvers. ????

    Apparently Sunday night on Willow Creek they were literally slaying the silvers, folks were having a blast, especially the kids. At first no one believed they were silvers, but indeed they were, and a good many of them to boot!

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    I fished today and all of the kings were very red. We did catch a very fresh chum up from the landing two days ago. I also saw a silver in some clear water four days ago upriver. I saw several schools of Chums, Pinks or Silvers??? in the lower river swimming up. I would guess Chums from how they looked in the shallows, definately not kings. I also know that a few silvers have been caught this week by two guides fishing the lower river.

    I post reports of my charters here.


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