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Thread: Early September Salmon Fishing

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    Default Early September Salmon Fishing

    I was just up in Anchorage in late June fishing the Kenai and Ship creek and both were VERY VERY slow. I will be up again on Labor Day (Sept 1-4). Is the King salmon and/or Silver salmon fishing decent then or will the "runs" be over and done with?


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    King salmon will be long since over in September (most runs are already over, and the Kenai king fishing ends at the end of July), but there will still be some great silver fishing to be had. Casting from shore in Seward should be productive, as should the Kenai River. There will also be great rainbow fishing in the upper Kenai and Russian Rivers, as well as on the Parks Highway streams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian M View Post
    There will also be great rainbow fishing in the upper Kenai and Russian Rivers.

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    Took my oldest son w/me when he was 13 on Labor Day weekend and we had the best fishing before or since. On the Kenai, eggs, bank. Averaged a fish on per hour for three days!

    Also had a strange king visitor who spooled us and bent the hook flat. Bye bye! He hit, went directly to the bank, about 20 yards from us, flopped so we could see him w/his mouth open and then went downstream
    at warp speed. Talk about hopeless!


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