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    Red face Clear Creek

    How has the King run been at Clear Creek this year?? Anyone? Has the gravel bar changed much from last year? Looking at a trip this weekend before the closing. Thanks any and all.

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    I was there two weeks ago. Clear Creek was dead as far as king numbers go. The good holes upstream were mostly empty. The majority of the fish I saw caught were on the Talkeetna but the most of those caught were foul hooked. I would imagine the salmon are going to be pretty dark by now, but good luck. I think you will do well if you can get a spot on the Talkeetna just downstream from the mouth of Clear Creek. Just get there early.

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    Default fished it saturday

    Below clear about half a mile. did well. Fish were a bit blush but nothing bad. Crowds were insane up at the mouth,. From what my guys from work say when they have called to rub it in they have been nailing them up there the last 3 days also. that is just word of mouth though. I hooked 3 in 5 hours saturday as well as my mom did the same. We landed one 40+. My thought is putting in the time and effort will pay off. just my 1/2 cent worth
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    Default Clear Creek

    Fished this last week. Didn't see squat in the creek itself but at the mouth was decent action. Quite packed but still managed to hook into fish, we ended up hooking into 15 or so in the 5 hours we fished, the current in the Talkeetna sure makes it fun to try and get the fish to the bank. Ended up taking home a 40+ and a few 30's between the 3 of us.

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    Default Clear Creek

    Was wondering if anyone has fished Clear Creek in the last day or so, and if so, would it be worth doing a drop off tomorrow? I know it is the last day, but I'd just like to do some catch and release if I knew I'd have a decent chance of getting into any...

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    I called Mahays to get a fishing report...they said they were slaaaaying them up there.....I'll be heading there in the morning to fill the fifth spot on my license..!!!

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    You better hurry,it closes at midnight on the 13th....


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