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Thread: PWS Reds ???

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    Default PWS Reds ???

    Anyone been out to Main bay or Coghill. let know been going out of homer all year ready for a change andwas thinking ABOUT HEADING OUT THERE THIS WEEKEND.

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    Default Main Bay has...

    Reds showing up in droves. Took an hour or so to snag up the reds but it was quite a show.



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    Default Hmm...

    How did you manage to get around the comm'l guys? Seems like they were thick inside they bay, no place for a private boat to go and snag? Give us guys an idea what its like please.
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    um... Wasilla...


    Was at Coghill last friday and didn't see any sign of reds yet... Just a few boats jigging for rockfish.
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    Default Reds @ Coghill

    There's a commercial opener in the Coghill District starting today, Thursday, ending Sunday --- if it is anyting like Main Bay last week, the commercial guys will be crammed into and spread over every acre of surface water.


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