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Thread: Goose huinting around ANC

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    Default Goose huinting around ANC

    Does anyone have nay info for hunting goose around anchorage. We slaughter ducks every year but I have yet to see any geese around. I am just looking for some tips or some place to start, I dont want to steal anyones huntin hole or anything like that.
    Thanks for your help and good luck

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    Default Delany Park Strip is a good goose spot down town

    However, you may not enjoy the police showing up after the first couple of shots.

    Goose hunting around Anchorage is not too good since they reduced the resident poplulation after the AWACS crash on base many years ago.

    When the geese are coming in from the interior down the Big Su you can take a boat to Coffee Point at the end of the Palmer Hay Flats and get some geese there in late September and Early October. Getting across Turnagain arm to Chickaloon flats could also work, but that requires a float plane or a lot of mud bogging and walking from the Mystery Creek road in Soldotna.


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