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Thread: What ya using

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    Default What ya using

    For Cranes and Swans I use a Remington SP-10 loaded with Federal Tungsten-Iron #BB and for Geese and Ducks I use a Remington 11-87 with 3" Remington Hevi-Shot #2.

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    11-87 3" heavy shot

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    Default berretta a390

    I use a Berretta A390 with 3" number 2's usually. If I am hunting the delta I always have some bigger shot for the swans also.

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    Benelli Super Black Eagle for geese and ducks in the lower 48 and late season ducks up here. 3 1/2" Kent Tungsten Matrix #1's for geese (awesome) and bismuth 2 3/4" #4's and Federal hi vel #2's for ducks w/ IC choke. I like that the bismuth acts like lead in the choke for first close shots over decoys, then the following steel loads come out the same choke in a full pattern for the longer shots that come next.

    Early in the season up here I use mostly a Ruger RL 20-gauge 26" over decoys, either steel or bismuth or in combo with appropriate chokes. Fast handling as a quail gun, and wicked as I need inside 40 yards, my normal shooting distance when there's still leaves on the alders and willows.

    Used a ML double 12 for a long time before steel came along, and regret trading it off before loose bismuth came along. When I find the right one I'll pick it up and start doing that again. Way fun, and surprisingly effective with 1 1/8 of lead in the good ole days.

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    I bust ducks with my Winchester model 1300 black shadow. I love that shotgun.

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    Default Remington 870 Express...20 guage

    2 3/4 #4 & #6 steel and 3" #2 & #4....

    I like close shots and tend to pass on the "over 40 yard" birds....

    May just be my imagination, but I think the smaller steel shot looses less velocity than the larger stuff in this range...

    #4 & #6 shot doesn't break a lot of wings, but kills dead with a head shot.


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