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    I guess I'll introduce myself first. My names Matt, and I'm in the Coast Guard currently stationed in New Orleans, Louisiana. I'm transferring next year and have been assigned to the Coast Guard cutter Sycamore out of Cordova, Ak. I'm a fanatic about duck and goose hunting which is why I chose Cordova in the first place.

    I'll be headed to Cordova this coming spring sometime around May. Right now I'm planning on bringing my four wheeler, Pro Drive rig, and my dekes. The dekes consist of a mixed bag including mallards, pintails, teal, gadwall, widgeon, shovelers, bluebills, canvasbacks, canada geese, and coots. I've got about 16 dozen in all. I'm trying to make sure that I bring all the neccessary tools to hunt up there. I've never been to Alaska and I'd like to show up prepared so that I'm not in panic trying to find what I need.

    Is there anything specific that I should be bringing up from the lower 48? I know some things can be hard to find up there and they can also be very expensive if you do find them. Just looking to be prepared. Any help will be appreciated!!
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