I am interested in flying in Alaska next summer (2009). I would love to cook, serve, clean; work on computers or any other task that could help your business out. All I would ask in return is that I gain some Alaskan flight time. I am currently flying at Utah State University earning my degree in aviation. I am responsible. I am working three jobs currently while going to school. I am a chef at a bed and breakfast, a server at a Sizzlers resturant and a volunteer firefighter for North Logan, UT.

I have my private pilot’s license currently. By the summer of 2009 I will have at least my instrument rating. I was trained in a Diamond Star DA40 and my current flying stats are as follows:

Take-offs: 216
Landings: 216
Night Hrs: 11.4hrs
IFR sim : 3.8hrs
x-country hrs: 46.5hrs
Solo hrs: 19.2hrs
Dual received: 77.4hrs
Pilot in command: 55.7hrs
Total flight time: 102.9hrs
Approx miles flying: 12,000

Please contact me via this forum or my email if you are interested in hiring a great kid from Utah to fly with you next summer. Also any suggestion or leads of where I can find a flight internship next summer would also be welcome.


Neil J. Morrison