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    I have a Simrad CX34 all in one unit. This is my third season on it. Halfway through last year the depthfinder would only work when I was stopped. Prior to that, it worked great. I have checked every inch of the bottom and have found nothing abnormal to cause bubbles. (It's a thru hull Airmar). I have hauled out and scrubbed entire bottom and no difference. I have another unit for the deck which uses a separate transom mount transducer and it works great. Do transducers go "bad". Is that likely my problem?

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    Call Simrad tech support. I have the same unit and they have been extremely helpful answering questions all they way from installation to operation. Please post what you find.

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    This won't help you, except you can take comfort in that you are not alone. I found mine became more inconsistent each year and I finally junked it the other day and installed a Garmin (have yet to test). I did find the end of the wire right at the transducer (transom mount) had lost its coating and had green corrosion on the exposed wire.


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