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Thread: Salmon Fishing Pole Set At COSTCO

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    Default Salmon Fishing Pole Set At COSTCO

    Has anyone heard anything about the salmon reel/pole/lure combo at COSTCO in Juneau. I think the brand or model is called Salmon Run. I know it's kind of entry level set up but the other poles they have are pretty good and I was wondering how the Salmon Run set ups would fair.

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    Default right on

    my guess is all is good if it reels in a salmon I spent over 500 on a king set up and it is all worth nothing along with a king charter 625.00 and gas out to charter on the little su so if it tags fish right on better than I

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    They are heavy, but functional. I know some that have used them for years. I used one when I first got here for a couple of trips. It works, but it's too heavy to fish all day with.


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