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    Question Boat Rental/Fishing Help

    I live here in AK and my dad is here on vacation for another week and a half. We were thinking about going on a Halibut/Ling/Rockfish charter, but it's just too expensive with gas prices. We've talked about renting a boat and gear to go out of Seward because it'd cost less than a charter...the only problem is that we don't really know where to go once we're on the water. We're not looking for trophy fish...we just want to have fun and he wants to help put some meat in my freezer before he heads back home. I'm not asking for anyone's secret spot or honey hole, but can anyone give me some guidance on where to go? Thanks so much!


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    I just thought of another questions...anyone have any ideas besides Miller's Landing for boat rentals?

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    Try whittier boat and tackle. We used them, but it sure won't be cheaper than a charter, just more convenient and fun.

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    If you just want to go out and have fun, rent a boat, if you want good odds of catching fish, pay for the charter as it's the better deal.

    You generally have to run quite a ways out to get into consistant fish, and if you aren't familiar with the boat and waters, you really shouldn't run that far out. It's suprising how most of the water doesn't have fish in it, something you learn when running your own boat or renting one.

    A few years back a friend came up to visit so instead of going out on a charter, too expensive I rented a skiff out of whittier and went out with the friend and my wife. We had a great time, he caught a pink salmon, my wife hooked and lost a silver, and I hooked and through back a ping pong paddle sized halibut.

    If putting meat in the freezer is the goal, go with the charter.


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