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    Default Clamming options

    I noticed that there's gonna be a pretty low tide Friday, Aug. 1st. Was thinking of going clamming. I've primarily gone to Clam gulch and just headed down the beach (towards Homer) a mile or so and started digging wherever. Once years ago, I went to Ninilchik (I think) and we did okay, more of a gravel beach.
    Where do you guys like to dig? If Ninilchik or wherever, can you provide directions on how to access the beach and which direction to go? I just saw a video on a great way to clean those (all of my family swears to never go clamming again after the last time!) so I doubt they'll go again, but me, I'm into it even if I have to go myself! Just looking for a good place (if any place is better than another).
    Also, is that clam gun is easy to use as it sounds?

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    the first time i went clamming i used a shovel...alot of work, well for me it was. the second time i went i bought a clam gun (tube) mind you i split quite a few but it was effective and easier to use than shoveling. this last time i went i had the whole tube thing down and it was very easy and i got alot of clams, whole clams. i dont think i split more than three or four. basically i put the gun directly over the dimple put all my weight on it while jiggling it around and slightly angled towards the ocean. it was extremely effective. ive clammed at deep creek every time so i wouldnt know of better places but ive never done bad so i always go back there. theres alot of beach and alot of clams.
    good luck!

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    Default Clam gun rocks

    We had both a shovel and a gun when we went earlier this year...the shovel was quickly discarded and we had six guys fighting over who got to use the gun next.

    My shovel will stay in the garage next trip.

    We went to Ninilchik and camped on the beach...just went out looking for dimples as the tide went out.


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    I much prefer a shovel.

    I just went clamming last weekend. I went to my favorite spot (8 miles north of Ninilchik). There were 6 of us, and we got a total of 33 clams on Friday. It was dismal.

    Saturday we went back out, but this time we went just a mile north of Ninilchik. There were many more people. The beach at Ninilchik looked like the Alaska State Fairgrounds through my binocs. It was covered with people.

    Yet we did much better. Five of us got 230 clams.

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    If you can get a ride over to the west side, we were done (harvesting, not cleaning) in less than 30 minutes:

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    Default Ummm...

    Which beaches on the west side produce those "dollar bill" razors. I'm not complaining but we only found 2-3 of those large razors at Clam Gulch despite a -5.3 tide. It would be a hoot to hit beaches that has far more of them...

    So...are there better areas for larger razors on the west side?

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    I dug July second and third South of Deep Creek and got 60 Wednesday and 40 Thursday. All large clams. Digging with a shovel is the only way to breakage. Here's pics...




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