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Thread: Dipnetting is changed for this year

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    Default Dipnetting is changed for this year

    from another website post ( a very good authority, this guy is tight with F&G) to keep up to date with when the closures are, dial 907-262-9611 for the commercial fishing hotline; will give you escapement data as well as when scheduled closures and EO's are; the normal days for commercial openings used to be monday and thursday.

    ANGLER: Klondike Kid - PINNED (static) Report TRIP DATE: SUNDAY 7/6 REGION: Kenai Peninsula WATER: KENAI River SPECIES: Dipnetting Strategy
    REPORT: About the Cook Inlet commercial fishing - we have just entered into a new phase of the sockeye management plan. In this phase there are now TWO MANDATORY No Commercial Fishing WINDOWS as they are called for each week beginning 0001 Sunday to 2359 Saturday for the rest of the season. The first window is a 24 hour closure which can slide to any section of the week but once initiated it is 24 straight hours of no nets. The second window is a FIXED 36 hour mandatory closure beginning any time from 7pm Thursday to no later than 7am Friday and running 36 continuous hours. In a "worst case scenario" where the clock starts at 7am Friday that means that no nets are fishing until 7pm Saturday evening at the earliest. On the other end, if the clock starts counting from 7pm Thursday they can't soak the nets until 7am Saturday morning. MARK THIS DOWN IN YOUR PLANNING BOOK FOR KENAI DIPNETTING~! The 36 hr. window is your weekend opportunity to dip some fish without nets soaking until late Saturday morning.
    Good luck, Play Safe, Be BEAR AWARE, and LEARN TO RETURN~!
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    Default Good info

    Thanks BCR for the tip. That will really help plan when to go.
    I wonder how much advance notice there will be for the mandatory closures? Two hours? Twelve? Maybe thats undecided as yet. Also wonder if it will be posted online?


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