Wetlands said "This dog stomped the test that was set up. Did better than most of the pure breds. I guess I really ruffled some feathers because it wasn't really a retriever. I didn't think it mattered since the event was a fund raiser." The attitude "Wetlands" mentioned is pervasive in field and show groups against each other never mind when you bring in a mixed dog. Not only here but everywhere. Its an ego driven sport.

There are quite a few groups that are providing competitive events for non-registered and mixed dogs. Alaska DockDog and Flyball are just two. In both events I saw competitors as avid and serious as a sanctioned field trial. The best thing we can do for our dogs and our kids is to find something the dog can do. They all want a job and teaching kids to train and care for dogs ensures they will be responsible pet owners. "Just family dogs" too often end up on the end of a chain in the back yard and are too easily dropped at the shelter. I see dogs at the shelter every week that were dropped by their owners. That very fact was the reason we started publishing Alaska Dog News with a calendar of events, to have one place where we could post activities for breed dogs and mixed dogs alike. When people are active with their dogs they take better care of them and don't take them to the shelter.
It doesnt matter what the dog is, what matters is "does he hunt?" (wasn't that an old joke? )