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Thread: Moose/Caribou in 20D

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    Default Moose/Caribou in 20D


    Just wondering how the hunting situation is in unit 20D. Wondering how the land use issue is there and any state land anyone hunts.
    I'm just looking for mostly meat hunts for moose and bou. I may take a friend in hunting moose in '09 so might be looking for a bit of a trophy moose too.

    Thanks in advance for any local knowledge shared.

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    I live in salcha (20d) and im not seeing many bulls. Mostly cows. And still not that many cows. Hopefully it changes soon.

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    Default No moose left!

    I saw all the bulls and most of the cows headed south for the summer. I think they ended up in 14B due to not wanting to cross any more major streams.......

    I'd look to the west 200 miles and buy a boat!

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    Caribou are all registration hunts, a portion of 20D is walkin only but i'm not sure about the rest of 20D though it is part of the 40mile hunt so my guess would be that it won't be open for very long. You could probably fly in with 40Mile Air, I know they do some drop off's for that hunt.


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