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    I wanted a rain cover over my fish deck that was better than a regular bimini top, I wanted it to be high and completely out of the way when fishing or climbing around up the side of the boat. Part of it is removeable and can be used as a nice kayak rack, rod holders can be mounted up inside of it, and it is high enough that one can stand on the engine dog house and still not touch your head. It was difficult engineering it all to make it how I wanted it, the people at Silver Steak Boats came through like magicians and made it better than I could have imagined!
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    Looks great and functional too. You mentioned that part of it was removable. Can you post a picture with that part removed? Job well done!
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    The Canvas part unsnaps, the bimini pipe that the canvas touches unbolts in six places leaving the larger pipe (shaped like a rectangle) for a kayak rack. I don't have any pictures without it together, the bimini part will be removed for winter eventually.

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    Looks pretty sweet Sammy!
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