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Thread: plane values?

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    Default plane values?

    Is it just me or am I seeing more and more planes on the market at dropping prices? I saw 2 180's on C/L today for under 75K. Now I know that there is alot that goes into A/C value but I don't recall seeing 180's on floats under 100K in recent years. If they get down under 50K In the next few years I may have to buy one to learn in

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    Default No Money

    The prices over the last six months seem to have dropped significantly. High fuel prices in general means less disposable income to spend on airplanes or anything else. It was a buyer's market before, now even more so. Lots of airplanes on the market with few buyers. I am just getting into flying, so I hope to be able to afford a 60-year old plane in the near future. If prices keep dropping, I may even be able to afford a 50-year old airplane in flying conditon!

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    Prices are defiantly down. Especially on the larger engine aircraft such as 180/185's. Super Cubs as always continues to hold their value pretty well. If I didn't have to keep pouring money into my Cub I would consider buying a 180 on floats right now too.



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