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    I have a choclate lab about 2years old got him as a pup and did some training with him and was just to busy so i stopped he has been a house dog he will retrieve sometimes he will stay when i throw the dummy but overall he is either a house dog or has potential i am unaware of. so before people say just keep him as ahouse dog or you cant train them when they are that old i would like to here from trainers that have worked through this with any success i am not wanting a field dog but hunting companion for ducks and maybe pointing if he isnt able to do that then he gets to be a house dog and i will be fine are there any trainers out there that can handle getting him on the right track .he has gone hunting 2 times and brought the ducks back but he wants to eat them or run off. I am willing to pay and spend the time with him ideally i would like to leave him with a trainer for about 1-2 months and then work on the foundation

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    Where are you located ???


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