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Thread: Bushnell Arc

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    Default Bushnell Arc

    I purchased a Bushnell Arc range finder for a future sheep hunt. Shooting off the house roof at an 11 degree decline at 44 yards proved no effort for it. So tonight I hauled a target up to a friends switchback road and left a target on the lower switch. Got up above and hit the range finder. The Arc program said to shoot for 19 yards at about a 30 degree decline. I shot for 19 and perfecto, right on. This thing is cool!

    Now I have to go back over with a better target and shoot some more. The arrows were shooting through into the gravel road. Neat product.

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    Default Bushnell Scout 1000 w/ARC

    I purchased the Scout w/ARC a few month back, and I like it. I coudn't justify spending the extra 100 bucks or more for the Elite w/ARC, considering I will be using it to help judge bow hunting distances.

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    Dave: I am very interested to hear how it works at longer ranges and varied conditions. I am planning of getting the leica crf 900 but I am still shopping. I am also wondering how it works in low light conditions. I know many you can't see the numbers unless it is light out. That ARC technology sure seems impressive especially for archery.

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    Y'all I have a Leupold RX-II and it can hit reflective targets out to 750 yards. It has Leupolds version of Arc and it is dead on at longer distances. I have shot my 308 at a target that was at about a 25 degree decline and it told me to hold for 376 and that's what I held for and it nailed it with every shot. I got a group of about 2 inches. I am completely sold. I know that that feature makes the cost go up a bit but it is wort it.
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    Default Leupold RX-II

    I got a Leupold RX-II before the big sheep hunt last year (TMA) and it worked great. Only saw 1 leagal Ram and my friend won the flip of the coin (worked out ok, still got 1/2 of the sheep and no taxidermy bill). He shot the ram at 350 yds or so. I used the Leupold RX-II and don't remember the exact #'s but it was right on.


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