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Thread: What to expect @ kodiak

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    Default What to expect @ kodiak

    I'll be in kodiak in a week. What can I expect fishing the road system, primarily around the mouths of the rivers. Lots of people? Any local fishing customs to be aware of?

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    Default Also in Kodiak

    Will be in Kodiak (South Road System Area) for week around Labor Day and hoping to spend a day or two fishing, not sure what our best options are or what to expect as far as fishing goes (will be first trip to Kodiak)??
    Any info appreciated, Thank You.

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    Unfortunately, many of the rivers are closed due to the lack of a salmon run. The bears are out in full force destroying stuff in town looking for food. Stop at one of the sport shops and find out the details where there are open rivers and fish. Get a copy of Bernard's book on Kodiak fishing, he is a member on this site. I heard the char are biting. Good luck! I am moving there in 2 weeks and 2 1/2 days. Let me know how you do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lou W View Post
    Any local fishing customs to be aware of?
    Remember it's not the Kenai. Manners and customary space between fishermen are different. If you see a bunch of idiots running around crowding people, you can bet they aren't locals. Be polite and don't crowd folks, and you'll fit right in with the long time locals. And curse the Kenai ethic that's even affected some of the newer locals.

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    Default Kodiak Info

    I just got back from Kodiak yesterday after a pretty good week fishing the road system. Here's a summary of what I found in no particular order:
    1) The Buskin is closed to sockeye fishing
    2) Pasagshak is open but the sockeye were hard to come by while I was there.
    3) Dolly Varden are abundandant at most beaches. I had great luck at Pillar Creek, Mission, and White Sands beaches on clouser minnows. Go to Mack's sports shop on town and ask them for help. They are very willing to give you tips. They sell a fly called the Kodiak clouser (a chartreuse, pink, white color combination) that was very effective.
    4) Dollies have not entered the road system river/streams yet.
    5) I hooked into a couple of pinks at Pillar Creek beach (one nice one about 9lbs) also on clouser minnows. They haven't entered the rivers or streams yet but seem to be hanging out the mouths.
    Hope this helps.


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