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Thread: Vote NO on 2 Wolf attack video

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    Default Vote NO on 2 Wolf attack video

    Vote NO on Measure 2

    Incredible Attack Video

    Michael Veine managed to photograph a shocking attack of a doe. Click below to view the video and hear his story (Caution: some of the pictures are disturbing).

    Predator Attack video

    Alaska needs your help!

    Washington D.C.-based Defenders of Wildlife is spending tens of thousands of dollars and Connecticut-based Friends of Animals continues to be an outspoken advocate of ending Alaska's predator management programs.

    We need your financial support to preserve our state's autonomy and ecosystem. Please contribute to our campaign to protect professional wildlife management.

    A donation as small as $10 will go a long way in preserving Alaska Department of Fish and Game's professional predator control program.

    Click here to CONTRIBUTE.

    Registering to Vote Absentee is Easy and Important

    Register to vote absentee at

    You can register in-person, by mail or fax. Don't let your vote go to waste!

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    Default Another Incredible Attack Video

    Dude, check these wolfs out! They are really torturing some animals! Amazing!!!

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    Video isn't working for me.

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    Default no wolves in those videos

    no wolves in those videos
    ...Jackie Bushman is a TOOL

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    Defenders of Wildlife's latest release. I wonder how much these three guys depend on moose or caribou.

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    Default Controling Predators

    These videos make my stomach turn, not the animal living out its part in the food web but the sorrowful description of the event. We all need to eat but Man is the only predator that worries about the "humanity" of its kill, every other creature just gets it done. We need to control predator numbers to be able to improve our share of the game, not to save Bambi from an evil death by another predator with cruder tools.

    Game meat=Great meat

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    Rich: I tend to agree that the current wolvesare evil theme is not the way to get it done. The Natives are starving is the better angle to take and I believe would be much more effective way of getting the point across to the non hunting public. If measure 2 is passed then the only logical thing to do is to allow traditional meathods of take and go back to using coiled baileen (or spring steel, for a modern twist) frozen in fat. This meathod will have the nasty drawback of not offering much opportunity to salvage the hide but hey it's predator control...

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    Voting NO on 2, but the "evil wolves" tactic is silly.

    LuJon, where are natives starving? Perhaps you're being facetious...

    I know there are less moose than before. But I was unaware that anyone was truly starving....

    Were you talking about Alaska Natives or native Alaskans. HH

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    Maybe one should think about thinning out the tree huggers. Pack them up and send them home!


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