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Thread: Construction and Winterizing the kennel

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    Default Construction and Winterizing the kennel

    We are just getting our kennel up and the dogs outside....I can't wait! Up to this point I have been juggling dogs into a small covered 10 x 10 portable kennel, walking them outside on leads or ecollars and have a very hairy house. We are setting up covered runs - one for each dog (4) and surrounding that with 6' chainlink for a dog yard. To start it, will be about 1200 sq feet but will grow as we clear and get more fencing. We have about 1/2 acre to play with. Each kennel will have a dog door into the insulated shed with indiviudual sleeping areas. When I am at home they can be loose in the dog yard but I will kennel them when I leave or they need some alone time, like before training.
    Right now the surface is just pit run. What do you use for your outdoor kennel and yard surface? I want to avoid a big muddy mess at breakup or during rainy spells.
    What about inside kennels? We have linolium tiles but debating over wood or aluminum dividers. Each will have a raised platform to get them off of the floor.
    Heat- I'd like to heat the building to about 45 during the winter. Any ideas about alternative heat generation?

    The dogs will probably be in the house at night. I can't go that far yet.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    If I were to construct a new building. It would have a concrete headed floor. It would be wash down with a drain trough an either side directed to an indoor floor drain with its own septic. Outside runs would also be concrete hose down with drain troughs.

    But, if concrete isn't an option. For indoors........
    Linoleum would work, but the ultimate would be horse matting. Second choice would be the rubber flooring they use at hockey rinks.

    Outside runs could be P gravel.

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    If you plan to board dogs or have training dogs I recommend different wall sections between one area and another. So you can isolate dogs from one another. It makes it quieter and you can keep in heat females seperate or those that get sick.
    For the walls from the floor up to 4 ft I use shower wall board. It protects your sheet rock, they can't scratch through it and it hoses off clean.
    Don't forget about air circulation. You need air in and air out fans.
    For heat......I use propane wall units and have electric heat as back up.


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