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Thread: Chitna Report Wednesday July 2nd

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    Default Chitna Report Wednesday July 2nd

    Headed out early Tuesday to ensure we were first in line on Wednesday. We had a great camp spot and we were the second group in line. Stid brought along the best camp fare ever. Shrimp from PWS! The dipping was very slow. We dipped for 9 hours and ended up with 14 reds and two kings. The King I netted almost pulled me in the water. Luckily Steve put his net under mine and we both wrangled the 41 pounder up the cliff. I almost had to let go of the dip net. I was at the end of the pole and the king was still running up river.

    All-in-all we had a safe and successful trip. We brought home all of our body parts, gear, and some excellent tasting fish.

    The water level is real low.

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    It sounds like you had to work pretty hard for your fish. At least you got a nice king out of the trip and a good story.

    I am hoping things pick up next week when I head down. The sonar counts are coming up quite a bit.


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