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Thread: Valdez Silvers

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    Smile Valdez Silvers

    Would like to rent a boat in Valdez and fish for silvers week of August 4. I'd like to go out myself, not on a charter but I don't know how to catch 'em. Any advice on tackle, technique, and locations will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Silvers

    Call Fish Central for renting the boat.

    Look for the crowd when you exit port to the right.

    Use a medium spinning rod, Pink Lady to get the line down, small flasher, 3-4 feet of line followed by a green hoochie tipped with a small chunk of herring.

    You can also: Use a flasher followed by 3-4 feet of line tipped with a small piece of herring and just dangle it over the edge of the boat in 20-30 feet of water.

    Silvers are pretty simple fish to catch.

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    Default Fish Central

    Fish Central in Valdez rents boats and sells tackle. You can catch fish trolling, but I think you will catch more mooching. I use a thirty pound power pro for a main line and tie it to a banana sinker. Then a 3-5 foot leader of twenty pound monafilament and 2-4 O Octopus hook. Buy some frozen herring and cut into chunks. Find active fish and drop your line to the bottom and then reel up slowly.
    All that said, August fourth maybe a little early for Valdez so you may have to go a ways out of the harbor to find silvers and I imagine the harbor will be loaded with pinks.

    Hope this helps



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