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Thread: fly fishing alagnak mid july

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    Default fly fishing alagnak mid july

    Need advice on the best setup, patterns, startegies, etc. Thanks!!!

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    Default Thanks for trying

    Thanks for trying to help, have not had any luck on this board

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    Default still would like some info

    Still hoping to get some input, leave Saturday for the Alagnak River.

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    Are you going out with a lodge/guided trip or is it a DIY?

    What are you going to be targeting, Rainbows or Salmon?

    I would suggest doing a search for Alagnak lodges and see what info they will share with you.

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    I have fished there a couple of times, but I don't think that it was that late in July. When I was there, fly fishing for kings wouldn't have been very productive due to the water depth and limited visibility. I did, however, have a blast catching chum and rainbows on flies. As far as the chums go, they will hit just about anything that you put in front of them. They were spawning along the gravel bars away from the main current. The rainbows could be had on egg patterns against the undercut banks where the river runs deep. Definitely a beautiful place, but you will have lots of company on the river.

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    Default Thanks Ultra and CMO

    We are going to Charlie Summervale's lodge.
    I have checked out their website and hope to have the right stuff.

    Thanks again.

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    me too. see you sunday.


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