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    I remeber someone posting about fishing for silvers out of Nenana but can't find the thread. I know that it is a trail you have to hike into and thats about it. If someone knows what I'm talking about and your willing to give directions can you PM me. I have 2 boys and a little girl I want to take out for silvers but work will only alow me to go for a day. I live in fairbanks and Nenana is just about right. Thanks in advance for those that respond.

    Don and kids

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    Talking Trail

    That trail is long and it can be quite wet if the beavers have been busy(the trail floods) I would not recomend taking small kids down it. I would go to Delta Clearwater for Silvers a short drive from fairbanks. There are more of them there and the walk is alot shorter. You can park at the boat launch and catch them.


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    I believe you read a post I started. I do not have time for specifics right now. Shoot me a PM and I will get back with you at the beginning of August. The silvers run in that drainage at the end of moose season.

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