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Thread: Mercury Sport Jet

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    Default Mercury Sport Jet

    Does anyone know of a shop beside Maritta that works on the Merc Sport Jet?

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    chriso suggested a guy in the valley here...
    pull my finger....

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    Default Glacier Jet Alaska

    John E at Glacier Jet is well versed in the sportjet. We have seven in total and have seen lots of minor problems over the last 4 years. Give him a call and see if he can fit you in.


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    Burkeshore Marine on Big Lake also works on them. I took mine to Marita; the ice wasn't out on big lake yet. Mariita did a good job for me. I've heard good things about Burkeshore, too. In Fairbanks, Compeau's would be a good bet.

    What's the problem; maybe someone here has been through it and can save you some money if it's a fairly simple fix.


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