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Thread: Marine Forecasts - Go or no go?

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    Default Marine Forecasts - Go or no go?

    Been wanting to go down to Seward and head out of the bay towards Monatque this week but have been loooking at 6 foot forecasts all week.
    I know the weather often changes fast up here but am wondering, at what point do you throw in the towel and cancel the drive down?
    For us we will still go if the forecast is 4 foot seas or less. How about the rest of you?

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    Default Depends

    Kinda depends on my familiarity with the water. For instance, with K-Bay, if I see SW winds, I assume it's most likely afternoon sea breeze, and I'm familiar with the effect because I've fished it so much. Other water I'm less familiar with, I tend to be a bit more conservative. Last weekend was S wind 15, seas 4 ft, and we got ever bit of that from the morning all day long. Yuck.

    I generally don't mess with anything forecast to be greater than 4 ft. Not necessarily scary, but kind of annoying trying to cover any distance, and not as pleasant to fish, either on the hook or trolling.



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