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    Can anyone give me any tips on launching my 16' Sea Runner from the Anchorage boat launch by Ship Creek. I was thinking about launching there for a short ride with the grand kids and maybe doing a little fishing at the mouth of Ship Creek from the boat instead of sitting in the mud out there. Any "lessons learned" experiences with this? What is the lowest tide where it is still safe to launch and return?

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    Need to launch before about mid tide (half way between the low and high) or you can windup in the mud.

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    Launch 2-3 hours befor the high tide. It cost $5 to launch & park. The floating dock has bumpers I believe. It's really quite easy. I've fished Ship creek many times with my boat. Anchor away from the bank towards the port & be sure to let enogh line out to account for the tide & enjoy. As far as boat riding in the inlet, I don't have much experience with that. Perhaps others might.

    Good luck & have fun!

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    If I go down there now to fish for the silvers that I hear have started to come in, would I get ticketed if I didn't have a king stamp since there are still some kings being caught? Any other tips for boat fishing the mouth of Ship creek?


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