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Thread: I think I lost my camera at the Little Su

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    Default I think I lost my camera at the Little Su

    It is a grey silver Samsung digital. Small sized camera with a 1gb disk in it.

    I had several hundred pictures on it and was going to put them on cd when I noticed the camera was missing.

    I will keep looking for it here also.

    I would sure like to have it back if someone finds it.Thanks.
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    Some mighty fine memories locked in that digicam at that!

    Your passion for the sport and the excitement you share with your little ones in pursuing it is obvious to EVERYONE on the board.

    Hope someone HONEST finds it and pulls through for you.
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    I lost a Penn 114 reel about mid river (between the highway and Burma) when we fliped the canoe a few weeks back. If you find it it is probably bext to a box of shot gun shells. You can keep the shells if I can have my reel back.
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