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Thread: Fun in the Sun!!!

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    Default Fun in the Sun!!!

    Well the weather was looking a little sub-par to start the trip on 6/30.

    But after the wheeler ride in and getting geared up to hike to the lake things started to look better.

    Once we got to the lake things looked even better.

    The next morning we were supposed to head back out, but the weather improved so much that after a few calls on the sat. phone to let everyone know we'd be coming out a day later we decided to stay and soak up some more summer time in Alaska.

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    Although we only brought food for the orignal 2 days so what to eat???

    Camp was cosy and comfy as always

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    Used the packrafts to get across the lake to easier walking and of course better fishing

    The hike and the wheeler ride out today was awesome with temps in the 70+ instead of the rainy/windy/high 30s we had on the wheeler ride in.

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    Wow! That looks like a fantastic few days. I'd love to know where that is (somewhere off the Denali Highway, I presume), but wouldn't ask you to share such info. Thanks for sharing the pics, though!

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    Default Packraft Q's

    Hey Lanche,

    Awesome photos - you guys are really putting the packrafts to work!!

    How'd they do on the lake - was the wind a factor? I'm gonna be on a lake for my moose hunt and will have packraft and fishing gear with me, so I'm surious how they do on lakes in calm and windy conditions.

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    Wow! That looks like a BLAST!!!

    Glad y'all had fun and were able to enjoy the outdoors in some nice summer Alaska weather!


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    Yeah the Denali hwy is correct. I can't seem to recall exactly where on that 135 miles we left from though.


    Yeah the boats track A LOT better with a pack in the front as oppose to an empty boat. Especially when towing another boat behind as we had to due to only having two packrafts and 3 people. They will work for getting around and across a lake and was perfect for that. However, if giving the option of easy walking for paddling the same distance I believe walking would be much faster. They are a ton of fun to use though.

    Glad you guys enjoyed the pics.


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