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Thread: How do you guys feel about 44 Mag FMJ's for bear protection??

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    Default How do you guys feel about 44 Mag FMJ's for bear protection??

    I have read that a 44 Mag Full Metal Jacket (like Speer used to make and Hornady still does) hot handloaded would be really effective as bear protection. I read an article on a guy that tested that theory on a brownie in Alaska in a G&A story way back in 86 or 87. He said his buddies 240 gr JHP just pissed the brownie off but he ended up killing the brownie with a 44 mag hot loaded w/FMJ's he was carrying. I never forgot it and have loaded the 240 gr Speer TMJ's hot and used to carry those for bear protection until I got my 454 Casull. Anybody have any input or experience with FMJ's on bear??

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    Haven't shot a bear with them, but I've compared the FMJs with hard cast lead on deer. The hard cast penetrated at least as well and killed a whole bunch faster, likely due to the much larger meplat (the size of the flat nose out front). I'm not sure I'd even use the FMJs for handgun silhouette if I was still doing that. That's probably the only place I think they have a role.

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    I would say it depends on the bullet. Round nose will suck. Some FMJs are plated or very thin jackets and will deform and expand quickly on impact. The Speer TMJ is a thin, almost like a plating over soft lead it doesn't hold together in a gallon jug of water. The Sierra FPJ is fully jacketed except for the flat nose and the jacket is folded at the nose to reinforce it and with the 44, even from a carbine, stays together pretty well on deer but does expand some. They are good deer bullets but I'd prefer the reliability of hard cast for anything serious.
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    Round nosed bullets just don't penetrate well. You would be much better served with a good flat-nosed hardcast bullet -- and never look back........


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