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    Question Looking for a HardShell


    i'm looking for a hardshell canoe that would be able to be broken down and fit into small bush aircraft---helios, 206s, etc.

    i've got a pakboat and its a good boat for what it is, but i want something made from material like royallex that laughs at rocks.

    any ideas?



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    Default Haven't ever, but would like to.

    I haven't heard of one, but I'm sure someone has made such a canoe out of composites on a custom, one-off.

    When the reporter-journalist, Stanly, made his epic trip up the Congo River, and across central Africa, to find Dr. Livingston, he took take-down boats of pretty good size. They broke them into man-portable pieces for portages. Sckookum.

    I believe I saw pictures of a custom, do-it-yourself take-down boat in a newsletter from West Systems Epoxies, the company that makes epoxies for marine as well as any composites. I believe it was a break apart stripper canoe. A good idea.


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