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Thread: First time at Chitina

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    Just got back from my first dipnetting try. Had Hem Charters put me on a nice spot, had a big net with light colored netting. Caught my limit (15) in 4 hours, and a nice big King as well. The weather was great and I have all the fish I can handle for a while - gettting the smoker out this afternoon!

    Thanks to all the folks at the landing and Hem and his folks! Everyone shared their knowledge and and expertise freely and I will be back.

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    Great job. Dipnetting is one of those experiences that brings you back year after year. Glad to hear you had a good experience.


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    Dipnetting is addictive. When you get in there and get your king its like doubling down on 11 when the dealer has 20 showing and getting a face card! Can't wait for next year. Some go to vegas, I go to chitna


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